Grateful & Pained

Pass or Fail
The pain remains
Live or die
The hurt hunts

It is a painful pleasure to thank God for deliverance when
Fellow brothers and sisters have been so dismembered

It’s more, yet akin to the dilemma after the crucial exam
You passed: jubilant. Then news comes: your friend didn’t

You are now not sure how to manage your fortune
So, you try to console your friend
Friend tries to congratulate you
That’s the humane bit of humans

Trouble is, today
Many Christians are too spiritual to be humane
They dress selfishness in a garb of Thanksgiving
They array Insensitivity in a raiment of Gratitude
Brazen pride ooze out
White-coated as capsules of spirituality

When God spares you from
Bomb blasts, or
Assassins, or
Thank Him. Thank Him

It’s not because you are
More spiritual, or
More obedient, or
Somehow invincible
It’s not because you refused to die
It’s about Him; not you

Calm down
More spiritual and
More obedient Christians than you — have died
Under more perplexing conditions

Jesus — once and for all — closed the door on any sort of merit-taking when we escape tragedies. He said:

“those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them, do you think that they were sinners above all men who lived in Jerusalem? I tell you, No…”
(Luke 13:4,5)

Some spiritual fellow won’t like this, but Nigerians:
And Muslims
And Christians
All have testimonies
How they were delivered from the recent bomb blasts
And from sundry such tragedies

Someone may have died
Because she made a mistake
Or was disobedient
Or was insensitive
You are not alive
Because you haven’t made the mistakes
Or been so disobedient
And as insensitive

Let’s not lose our sense of
And Mystery
And Finitude
And Humbled-gratitude
In a guise of spiritual attainment and competence

I’m glad He’s kept me
I’m pained others left

His ways
God’s ways
Are past finding out


We cry
Is the One who is God-Alone!


3 thoughts on “Grateful & Pained

  1. A strong charge, reminding us to be thankful daily for the mercies that have been so graciously lavished on us on every waking morning. More so, to realise that we’ve done nothing to deserve any of it.

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